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"Words, I've come to learn, are pulleys through time. Portals into other minds. Without words, what remains? Indecipherable customs. Strange rites. Without words, we're history's orphans. Our lives and thoughts erased."

- Alice from "The Word Exchange" by Alena Graedon

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At Fox and Flowers Proofreading, I believe everyone puts a piece of themselves into the content they write, even in their professional writing. I ensure every project I work on receives a quality refinement that showcases the content creator as an original writer and a highly knowledgeable specialist in their profession.

I accept a variety of written content to proofread/copy edit, but I have a soft spot for working on manuscripts (digital/paper copy) and book proposals of any genre, as well online content for small-business owners and professional creatives!

So whether you're a local small business owner that just needs a thorough clean-up of any spelling, punctual, capitalizing, typographical, and grammatical error(s) in their business content, or an upcoming author who requires more detail-oriented attention for quality refinement during your editing phase, you can trust me to preserve your unique writing style and your professional reputation with intuitive, relevant and insightful edits.

Click the button below to learn what kind of editorial services I offer for different types of content creators!

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Owner and Founder of Fox and Flowers Proofreading

Celina Sell is the Ottawa-based proofreader and copy editor behind Fox and Flowers Proofreading, “where ‘whimsy’ and ‘refined’ coincide.”! She loves reading historical fiction, mystery/thriller, or supernatural fiction novels, as well as any non-fiction books with a focus on anthropology/cultures; history; political philosophy/satire; or sociolinguistics.

Outside of her business hours, Celina loves spending time walking by the Ottawa River and cooking for friends and family. She also binge-listens to podcast shows Lore, Cabinet of Curiosities, and--most recently--Fall of CivilizationsHer favorite reading spot is on any bench that faces Ottawa's Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier three out of the four seasons!

Photo credits: Saint Kayla Films [Kayla Straker-Trotman]

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